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A List of Things I could possibly care less about than Celebrity Baby Names
  1. Celebrity pet names (or even regular people pet names)
  2. Taylor Swift's birthday party
  3. Trump for President
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This is not directed at you Taylor Swift. We absolutely do not have Bad Blood.
  1. You offered me a Pepsi
  2. You don't understand TSA procedures & are holding me up
  3. You travel to AZ without looking me up
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These are movies that I tend to watch again & again & think either they never received (deserved) critical acclaim/attention or the buzz was very short-lived or short-sighted. Yes there are ties- whatever... it's my list. In no particular order:
  1. Now You See Me: 4 magicians, a massive caper, a huge plot twist, what's not to like?
  2. Big Fish: Beautiful story, message, creativity, acting, Ewan MacGregor as a southerner, it's all there
  3. Spanglish: the only time I've ever liked Adam Sandler in a movie and he knocked it out of the park.
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