These are movies that I tend to watch again & again & think either they never received (deserved) critical acclaim/attention or the buzz was very short-lived or short-sighted. Yes there are ties- whatever... it's my list. In no particular order:
  1. Now You See Me: 4 magicians, a massive caper, a huge plot twist, what's not to like?
  2. Big Fish: Beautiful story, message, creativity, acting, Ewan MacGregor as a southerner, it's all there
  3. Spanglish: the only time I've ever liked Adam Sandler in a movie and he knocked it out of the park.
  4. Magnolia/Collateral: Tom Cruise is not my fav by a long shot but his performance in these movies always keeps me riveted.
  5. I am Legend: underrated Will Smith performance. Considering he does much of the acting opposite a dog, I think this movie is like Castaway with zombies. What's not to like?
  6. About a Boy/High Fidelity: apparently I like Nick Hornby books made into films. Not exactly sure why except I love the dialogue. You have to pay attention to appreciate these films and I appreciate that.
  7. The Way Way Back: Never thought I would despise Steve Carrell but this movie is one of my favs of all time. Not exaggerating. Also I know where Water Whizz is located: been there!
  8. Fever Pitch: Jimmy Fallon is super funny and I love the whole Red Sox thing. The making of the movie is a great story.
  9. What About Bob? Bill Murray at his finest. No explanation needed.
  10. Signs: I still remember screaming along with Joaquin Phoenix in the theater when h saw the aliens for the first time. Visually and narratively some of M night's best work
  11. Whip It: funny and smart/ I like subculture so this appealed to me though I didn't think the love story angle was necessary- the film didn't need it
  12. The Descendants: George Clooney was perfect and the father/daughter stuff gets me every time. Plus I love Hawaii.
  13. Best in Show: The best thing ever made. A master class in improv, comedy and snarky commentary on reality tv/ hobby subculture
  14. The Proposal/Bridget Jones Diary: Rom Coms at their best with Underappreciated comic performances by the leads.
  15. Twister: I don't care. I love this movie and I don't have to explain myself.
  16. This Is Where I Leave You: huge Tina Fey, Jane Fonda, and Jason Bateman fan. This has the right amount of humor and heart but doesn't cross the line into predictable and cheesy. It's smart and poignant.
  17. Zombieland: I love the humor & cartoon violence. Eisenberg & Harrelson together are great!
  18. The Prestige: I guess I have a thing for movies about Magicians with some sort of plot twist
  19. The Grand Budapest Hotel: Loved every crazy surreal second of it
  20. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Ben Stiller was amazing/cinematography was luscious/did justice to the story