1. "If I have to test another OER, I'm going to pass out.
  2. "Lunar eclipses are dumb."
  3. "We're alive but barely breathing."
  4. "Just because there's a goalie doesn't mean I can't score."
  5. "Another one." (When referring to anything)
  6. "Oh man, oh man. Not again, not again."
  7. "DW single-handedly drank this place out of La Croix."
  8. "Sometimes you gotta lay the wood."
  9. "Yo yo yo. This is FT on the mic."
  10. *FT tries to ask PH a question* PH: *holds up hand* "I'm on the clock."
  11. "They changed the meal allowance from $100 to $25." "Are they trying to starve us?"
  12. "I need my potassium."