inspired by @mindy
  1. Wake up and not feel tired
  2. It is sunny and hot with a slight breeze
  3. Do some yoga and my downward facing dog is spot on
  4. Make a delicious smoothie and boiled eggs
  5. Morning shower is the perfect temperature and my shower gel and shampoo is coconut flavour and afterwards the smell stays for ages without anyone blowing smoke into it
  6. Get a seat on the tube and get to read a great book on my kindle without falling asleep
  7. A fun company comes into work and gives us freebies or I get a freebie on my commute
  8. Get to watch Netflix at work
  9. Go to the gym for Body Pump at lunch and feel amazing afterwards
  10. Get to eat the mac n cheese grilled cheese from Grill My Cheese without feeling guilty or sick
  11. Work throws us a party on the terrace with free drinks and amazing old school rnb playing
  12. CEO emails us all and tells us we can go home early, because the weather is nice
  13. Meet my boyfriend in town for dinner at a fancy restaurant and we get a table on the terrace and at the end of the meal they say its on the house
  14. This weeks Time Out is really funny and I get to read it on my way home
  15. At home we put on a box set and drink red wine and eat cheese
  16. Shower for the third time in one day without my boyfriend getting annoyed at me for wasting water
  17. Get into bed with fresh sheets, fresh pyjamas and get cuddles
  18. Have really fun dreams