For when you you edit pictures and captions for the past 2 days and plan to schedule them today. And you can't.
  1. Watch Dawson on Law & Order SVU.
    I know he has a real name, but I'm not looking it up. You know who I'm talking about.
  2. Feed my Neko Cats.
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    These little bastards love to eat.
  3. Figure out how I want to pay for my dental work.
    I have options. I can figure it out. And I am not panicking.
  4. Meditate.
    I mean, I could. We'll see.
  5. Flip out about Denny on The Walking Dead:
    I mean, I still think Owen would make an amazing Abraham. But I'll totally take Denny.
  6. Pray that the posts I had scheduled aren't gone.
    I mean, it is only like 4 posts, but still.
  7. EGGNOG!
    Open fridge. Find eggnog that The Niece left. So happy dance. Look for bourbon.
  8. Stare at my spreadsheet.
    There is so much orange that I want to turn green. I just need to cut and paste, HootSuite! #ComeOn
  9. Decide what 5K training plan to follow.
    The usual? Zombies Run? Make my own? I miss who I am when I was running. And Cassie is holding me accountable.
  10. Charge my phone so it will be ready.
    Live Instagram of tree decorating coming soon!