Loving life together since 1999
  1. He randomly texts that he loves me.
    Not as a response. Not with any expectations. He just does. Several times a day.
  2. He loves all things Christmas.
    Music. Church. Decorating. Eggnog + bourbon. He will be an amazing Santa someday.
  3. He has hot butt.
    He is like a portable heater. Cold at night? I just snuggle up to his ass.
  4. Have you seen him dance?
    He is talented and devoted and an amazing leader. I am so proud that he started Irish Step Dancing at 36.
  5. He has McDreamy hair.
    Except he has a beard to go with it. And both are ginger.
  6. He takes my yoga classes.
    Even though I talk about boobs getting in the way and moving our bellies. He is there. On a mat with my name on it.
  7. We are partners around the house.
    He does the dishes and takes care of the cat and runs the vacuum. We are a team.
  8. He sits like a kid.
    He tucks his toes under when he sits in a chair. He sits in the floor with his butt up in the air. It is adorable.
  9. He giggles.
    When he is really tickled, his laugh is high-pitched and definitely a giggle. Just the cutest.
  10. He loves to grocery shop.
    I do not know my way around the grocery store. I almost texted him hundreds of miles away because I couldn't find the peanut butter in Meijer.
  11. He is just good.
    He is a good person. He is good at everything. He is just good.