Plus: I can still see one of my feet.
  1. Going upstairs to sleep in your bed at night because you *know* you're just going to come right back downstairs again in the morning.
  2. Eating food that's not prepackaged because it usually involves an extra trip to the cabinet for a plate and utensils.
  3. Wearing a shoe on the unbroken foot - even outdoors - because it's surprisingly harder to keep track of just that one shoe.
  4. Giving your husband kudos when he looks at his fitbit and announces "wow, another 18,000-step day!"
    Oops, in fact you might have just given him the bird.
  5. Washing your hair when you shower because that's just more time standing up.
  6. Leaving the house at least once a day because doing so is just a pain in the ass.