I didn't get great sleep last night + I was sitting, nursing a hungry baby a lot today + my only contact with the outside world was an iPhone = a very morally superior kinda day.
  1. "Fewer is for things you count, and less is for things you don’t count."
    Correcting grammar is the ultimate in self-righteousness, but that didn't stop me from correcting my stepdad today. It doesn't matter that I make grammar/spelling mistakes on social media and in text messages ALL THE TIME. Fortunately he finds it charming because he's 72 and doesn't give a fuck.
  2. "Well that's how we differ because I hope to raise compassionate children."
    Thankfully I DIDN'T say this in a Facebook reply to my cousin-in-law, even though I really wanted to. I got wrapped up in a debate about Syrian refugees with some very conservative folks. When it was suggested that I house a refugee since I wanted them to be here so badly, I said that actually seemed like a really good idea that I would look into. My cousin-in-law said "Well good luck! I would never put my children in that living situation." She was pious first.
  3. "Because I'm the mom"
    What does this even mean? I'm certain by the look on my 2-year-olds face that he didn't know either.
  4. "After the amazing offer we've given them, they can't give my precious babies some insulation to keep them warm?"
    We're in the process of buying a house right now and this was part of an email to my realtor. Not much has come up on the inspection. But I'm feeling so god damn generous (and broke) by our offer that I feel we are entitled to get some insulation put in the ceiling! Worth losing the house over? Probably not. Will I risk it? I might sleep on this one. But shoot me if I say "my precious babies" ever again.
  5. "Well you're not trying to not irritate me."
    This is what I said to my generally very sensitive husband after we both had really long days and he said something that implied his day was harder (and you NEVER imply that to a new mom), but that he wasn't trying to irritate me. I really try not to fall into that I enticing trap of taking a bad day out on those we love the most, but I did. Fortunately he's also very apologetic and forgiving.
  6. Fingers crossed for a more understanding Wednesday.