I'm due to have a baby boy sometime in the next 3 weeks. We have a couple names in mind but I'd always love more to bring to the hospital. Suggestions that fit or suggestions of more name qualities are greatly appreciated.
  1. YES! -----------------------------------------
    Any one name obviously won't have all of these qualities.
  2. Works (as well as can be expected) with the last name Zuiderveld
    A Dutch name pronounced without the "u," first syllable rhymes with cider.
  3. Cute at age 5/ Hot at age 25/ Dignified at age 55
  4. Two or three letters long with only one syllable.
    If it is this short though, it should be the nickname to the longer, more formal version. My other son is Silas but we mostly call him Sy, which I love.
  5. Common surname as first name.
    Smith, Anderson, Davis, etc
  6. Names of geographical locations, ie rivers, lakes, mountains, etc.
    I always love city names, but there is a common assumption the person was conceived there, and I just don't need people thinking about that.
  7. References to music, art, nature.
    Though sometimes this can go very, very wrong, Lyric.
  8. NO! ------------------------------------------
    Must not have any of these qualities.
  9. Not too trendy
    Not in the social security's top 100 baby list of last year. Then we'll just cross our fingers Justin Timberlake doesn't come and name his baby the same name again.
  10. Not too complicated to spell.
    He'll be spending enough time spelling his last name.
  11. Not too traditional.
    We're not royalty.
  12. Not too unusual.
    We should be able to find evidence that it's been used as a name before.
  13. Not your name
    It is an old, worn out joke to suggest your name to someone looking to name a baby. I wouldn't mind hearing your crazy, outcasted uncle's name though.