Finally @sloan. It's a work in progress as every day in a new city is all about making comparisons to your old city. I'm trying to avoid the obvious weather/altitude/gas pumping differences.
  1. In Denver, you can't enter a conversation with the assumption you are talking to another non-republican.
    It's bluer than most of the state, but it's still a purple state.
  2. Voodoo Doughnut Denver is like Voodoo Doughnut Portland's straight-edge little sister.
  3. A very guilty pleasure: the standard residential garbage can in Denver is twice the size of those in Portland and is picked up weekly as opposed to the every-other weekly Portland pickup.
    We're generating more garbage right now with the move, but I will go back to making conservative disposal decisions and judging those who are reckless trashers again soon. Pinkie swear, Portland.
  4. There is no single street in Portland that matches the character, history, quirkiness, or time-capsuled architecture of Colfax Avenue.
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    In fact, there are few streets in the US that match its length. Depending on the source, Colfax is considered the longest continuous avenue in the country.
  5. Many (maybe even fair to say most??) of the garages in Denver are placed at the back of the property and are accessed by an alley that runs between streets. I love this use of space for enough reasons to create a separate list about.
  6. I have really bad hair in Denver.
    Ok, that's an effect of the dry weather.
  7. The weed. It's everywhere in Denver. And I'm always surprised by people with whom I have professional relationships telling me about their intake habits. You'll soon see what I'm taking about Portland.