'15 is going to be hard to beat. But I think '16 just might do it.
  1. Moving into our new Denver house!
    This cutie is ours on Jan 22.
  2. Making this house look like my Pinterest boards
    Dream on Krissy; you'll be lucky just to get some paint up on the walls.
  3. Watching this guy collect milestones
    But if he doesn't want to walk until 2017, that is FINE. BY. ME.
  4. Getting this guy out of diapers
    Seriously 2016. And not a day longer.
  5. Going back to work.
    Ending this sweet, sweet maternity leave next week because I'm a horrible stay at home mother.
  6. The new M. Ward album.
    And it's not a She and Him album!
  7. Selling my Portland house.
    I'm not actually looking forward to this. I love this old lady and that amazing city, but the new house won't pay for itself.
  8. Showing some of my favorite people around Denver when they come to visit.
    Hint, hint @ashmstevens, @sloan