List idea by @jakebrandman Here's a bunch of women that you should look up on Wikipedia.
  1. Muriel Coben
    Saskatchewan pitcher, member of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League, considered one of the best softball pitchers of her time.
  2. Mary Abbott
    An American artist and descendant of President John Adams.
  3. Catherine Hayes Bailey
    American plant geneticist important to the Peach industry.
  4. Eva-Maria Buch
    German resistance fighter associated with the Red Orchestra. Executed for treason against the Nazis at age 22.
  5. Marija Gimbutas
    Lithuanian archaeologist, ethnologist, and anthropologist. Best known for the Kurgan Hypothesis. Harvard professor.
  6. Patricia Highsmith
    American novelist, best known for Strangers on a Train & The Price of Salt
  7. Deborah Kerr
    Scottish actress. She was nominated 6 times for the Academy Award and never won.
  8. Thelma Pressman
    The 'Julia Child of microwave cooking' 😁
  9. Mum Shirl
    Colleen Shirley Perry Smith was an Australian activist for Aboriginal rights and a recipient of the Australian National Living Treasure award.
  10. Mamie Till
    Mother of Emmett Till.
  11. Sister Dr. Mona Tyndall
    Irish missionary instrumental in bringing HIV/AIDS awareness and help to Zambia.
  12. Vera-Ellen
    American Dancer best known for On The Town and White Christmas
  13. Rose Weiss
    Costume Designer. She was the designer for the full run of The Lawrence Welk Show.
  14. Yoko Yaguchi
    Japanese actress and wife of Akira Kurosawa