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  1. My Grandpa was my primary caretaker in the years before I started elementary school
  2. He was also the custodial representative for the Masonic Temple
  3. I spent a lot of time in the Masonic Temple, both as a kid just running around when he was working there, and also as a member of a Masonic organization, Job's Daughters.
  4. Previous to its life as the local Masonic Temple the building had been a boarding house for railroad workers.
  5. When the Masonic Lodge took over the building they remodeled the inside so that it became a two-story instead of three-story building
  6. Parts of the third story still existed in the back half of the building, and storage areas.
  7. When I was 5 Grandpa was working at the temple and I decided to explore without him.
  8. I went up to the second floor and started turning on lights and looking in the storage closets.
  9. The last hallway was one of those kind with two doors on either side and one door at the very end.
  10. As I came upon the last hallway the door at the end crept open
  11. In the doorway sat an old man with long white hair and a long white beard.
  12. He seemed very grey, his skin, his clothes.
  13. Everything about him was shimmery, but worn
  14. Dust bunnies and moths floated around him.
  15. The air was very still
  16. He beckoned me closer and touched my cheek with a cold finger.
  17. It wasn't scary or creepy
  18. He seemed like a protector
  19. I heard my Grandpa calling for me and turned away to tell him where I was.
  20. When I turned back the door was closed and the man was gone.
  21. Edited to add: I kept looking for the man in the years after this happened, but I never saw him again.