This is just the men, but there are many fantastic actresses as well. I may add to this list as I watch more.
  1. Jo Jung Suk
    From 'Oh My Ghostess' & 'You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin'. His face just expresses a total complexity of emotions with ease. He also played Hedwig in the Korean production.
  2. Im Ju Hwan
    I followed him from 'Uncontrollably Fond' to 'Oh My Ghostess' because I loved him so much.
  3. Kim Woo Bin
    So fantastic and tragic in 'Uncontrollably Fond'.
  4. Kang Ji-Hwan
    He's in Lie To Me. It's not the best, but he is super charming. And gorgeous.
  5. Gong Yoo
    He's in Coffee Prince. His character struggles because he thinks the person that he has fallen in love with is a man. It's a nuanced and beautiful portrayal, especially when he ultimately decides that he doesn't care if his love is male or female.
  6. Lee Sun Gyun
    He's the cutest thing ever! He manages to go from artist in 'Coffee Prince' to an arrogant chef in 'Pasta' with facility.
  7. Ha Seok Jin
    From 'Drinking Solo' and '1% of Something'. He has the cutest smile.