Sure, there are plenty of actors these days that I love, but I grew up loving these men.
  1. Yul Brynner
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    The King and I may have precipitated my sexual awakening, and may also point to my love of bald men. The Shall We Dance scene, when he insists that they dance with his hand on her waist is giving me heart palpitations right now, just thinking about it.
  2. Raul Julia
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    If you don't understand the appeal of RJ, I recommend that you find a little known documentary called Kiss Me Petrucio. He and Meryl Streep are backstage for performances of The Taming of the Shrew at the Public Theater in Central Park, and they talk about putting Shakespeare into your own voice and body. He is a damn dreamboat!
  3. Frank Sinatra
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    I mean, just look at that swagger!
  4. Marlon Brando
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    No words necessary
  5. Jimmy Stewart
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    He's such a sexy nerd.
  6. Spencer Tracy
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    I mean this in a totally non-icky way, he reminds me of my Grandpa.