I'll probably be adding to this forever
  1. Rape of Lucretia
    Rembrandt - This is the last in a series of paintings that he did over the course of his lifetime. It's hanging in the Minneapolis Museum Of Art. It is devastating in person, the viewer feels as if they can reach out and wipe the tears from her face.
  2. Rainy Day, Paris
    Caillebotte - This is in the Chicago Institute Of Art's Impressionist collection, and it is a massive canvas. I went in to see the Van Goghs and Manets, but I stood in front of this for over an hour. I couldn't tear myself away.
  3. 1.26, Denver
    By Janet Echelman. Just breathtaking. I saw an Echelman exhibit while I was in Minneapolis, but it wasn't a piece like this. I wish I could have seen this in person.