I work at a family-owned specialty retail shop. We sell horse equipment including saddles, bridles & horseshoes. The store sits on property between my Parent's house & my Aunt and Uncle's house. We are one big, happy 44 acres.
  1. I get to see my family everyday.
    I generally like my parents, and my Aunt (technically my boss) is one of my favorite people on the planet.
  2. I have to see my family everyday.
    Sometimes I just don't want to see their faces.
  3. There are lots of financial perks
    The store pays for my phone, health insurance, and internet, and my Aunt loaned me the down payment when I bought a house. This is a big bonus.
  4. What's a weekend?
    I actually work every day. This is a real thing.
  5. The customer is not always right.
    This is specialty retail and we have a level of expertise. Working with horses can be dangerous, especially if you don't know what you are doing, so my boss is generally okay with me telling a customer that I'm not comfortable selling them a product that I don't believe will be used properly on their horse.
  6. Being called 'Young Lady'
    The business was started by my grandfather 6 years before I was born, so I actually grew up in it. There are customers from the early days that still come in and ask me how school is going and I have to tell them that I graduated 12 years ago, from college. It's a very weird experience to still be asked these questions at 39.