Spinster sister of Lizzie Borden
  1. This is Emma Lenore Borden
    The eldest daughter of Andrew and Sarah (Morse) Borden
  2. This is the house where it all went down one hot August day in 1892
  3. Emma was 41 at the time.
    Lizzie was 31
  4. The day of, she was out of town visiting cousins.
  5. Some accounts claim that she was visiting with a suitor that her father didn't approve.
  6. Born in 1851
  7. Died in 1927
    12 days after the death of her sister Lizzie
  8. Her mother died when she was 12
    Emma became like a mother to her sister Lizzie, 10 years her junior.
  9. Emma and Lizzie didn't speak for the last 5 years of their lives.
    They had a fight over Lizzie's relationship with actress Nance O'Neal
  10. Emma was an heiress.
  11. She died with $450,000
    Most she left to charity.
  12. Mr. Borden remarried when Emma was 17
    Emma lost her place as Lady of the house.
  13. Was she involved somehow?
    We'll never know.