There's always those books, the ones that you love so much that you want everyone else to love them as well...
  1. The Red Tent
    By Anita Diamanté When I read this book, 10 years ago, I loved it so hard. I still recommend it to people, but haven't read it myself in a while. It might be time for a re-read.
  2. The Handmaid's Tale
    By Margaret Atwood. Obviously.
  3. One More Thing
    By @bjnovak Seriously! I convinced my new book club to read it as our first selection.
  4. The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall
    By Anne Bronte. Jane Eyre is my favorite of all time, but if someone wants a lesser known book this is the one I give them.
  5. The Duchess War
    By Courtney Milan. Or really anything by her. I always point friends in her direction if they want to try some historical romance.
  6. Come to the Edge by Christina Haag
    It's a gorgeous memoir of her time with John Kennedy Jr. I don't give it to just anyone though because it feels like giving away a little piece of my soul. I actually wrote about this here:
    Suggested by @bookishclaire