1. Friday
    I went to work and avoided all conversation about the election.
  2. Friday
    When my conservative Uncle tried to talk to me about how 'gracious' Drumpf was to the Obamas in his speech I told him I did not care.
  3. Friday
    I told my Uncle that I thought Drumpf was a horrible person. Many horrible people manage to be gracious once or twice in their lives, it doesn't make them any less horrible.
  4. Friday
    I got together with my girls and performed.
  5. Friday
    We had a special Inauguration Night performance of '5 Lesbians Eating A Quiche'
  6. Friday
    There were 62 people in attendance. It was magical and heartening to be surrounded by people that needed to laugh and commune with each other.
  7. Saturday
    I got in my car with 4 friends and drove up to Sacramento.
  8. Saturday
    We were among to 20,000 people in the state capitol, the 2 million nationwide and the 4 million worldwide that told the world we would not be silenced and we will not go back.
  9. Saturday
    We met people from all walks of life, all ages and orientations. Including a lesbian couple that got married when they were 80.
  10. Saturday
    There were families there together. Husbands supporting wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, and every combination of allies.
  11. Saturday
    The whole city felt like it was supportive.