On Monday nights this summer, I'm hosting an informal gathering I like to call Fake Mexican Mondays. It's modeled on a thing that my group of friends used to do called Taco Thursdays. It's been really fun so far.
  1. Invite everyone on my friends list that I think might conceivably show up.
  2. Created a Facebook messenger chat that includes everyone. Make it fun and non-committal. i.e. 'Hey, absent yourself from this group if you'd like'
  3. Give a vague time. 'It's Monday nights. I start cooking at 7, show up after that'
  4. Make 'Okie Tacos'
  5. Experiment with other foods. For instance, last week I made Veggie Enchiladas and Chiliquiles, this week I made beans & cornbread.
  6. Hope that somebody shows up since I just made enough food to feed 20 people.
  7. Tell everyone to make themselves at home, including getting their own drinks. 'Hey, I'm cooking, so ice is in that freezer, drinks are in this frig. If you want it, you gotta get it yourself'
  8. Serve buffet style and encourage seconds.
  9. Make sure I get something to eat and drink as well.
  10. Sit back and enjoy the odd, and wonderful, combination of people having a laugh in your dining, and living rooms.