Thanks for the request @shanaz! Most of these playwrights are from the Kilroys list, which I highly recommend looking up. You may notice a pattern.
  1. Annie Baker
    She wrote 'The Flick'. I heard her on the WTF With Marc Maron podcast, and think that she comes at her writing in an interesting way.
  2. Amy Herzog
    '4000 Miles' was a beautiful exploration of grief, something I've been thinking about a lot lately.
  3. Dipika Guha
    She's on the Kilroys list, but has also been mentioned a number of times in various theater podcasts that I listen to. She's getting her first production in NYC this season for her show 'Mechanics Of Love'
  4. Tori Keenan-Zelt
    From the Kilroys list. One of her plays is a riff on Much Ado that involves Xena: Warrior Princess. Do I need to say more?!?
  5. Clare Barron
    In 'Dance Nation' an army of pre-teen dancers plot to take over the world. Yes, please. I want to know more about this writer.
  6. Claire Kiechel
    Her most recent play, 'Pilgrims', is a little bit sci-fi. I'm excited to know more.
  7. Gia Marotta
    From the Kilroys list. Her latest deals with grief & family secrets. She's also done work having to do with HIV & AIDS which I find interesting.
  8. Rachel Bonds
    'Firecracker' has a little Southern Gothic flavor, but modern. Also from the Kilroys list.
  9. Aditi Brennan Kapil
    A play trilogy where Hindu gods are displaced into modern immigrants to the West dealing with displacement & post-colonialism? Uh-huh! Plus, her current play 'Orange' is about an Autistic woman in Orange County.
  10. Callie Kimball
    'Lucrece and the Two Janes' is based on Shakespeare's The Rape of Lucrece. 'May 39th' is about dating 1000 years from now. In 'Alligator Road' the retiring owner of a hardware store yarn bombs all of her products before handing the store over to its new owner. Yes, Yes, & Yes!
  11. Bess Wohl
    'Small Mouth Sounds' has almost no dialogue, the audience gets the plot from the physical acting. This sounds like a challenging show! She also wrote the book for 'Pretty Filthy' a musical about Porn actors. 😍
  12. Erin Courtney
    Her most recent 'I Will Be Gone' deals with grief and holding on.
  13. I'll probably add more to this!
  14. Sheila Callaghan