What a fun idea @jochebedsmith!
  1. Obsessively watch the clock
    I have a weird habit of wanting to be sitting in the parking lot at least 5 minutes before call, sometimes 10 minutes. I'm also traumatized about being late, from a very bad experience my first year at PCPA. So, I've calculated the exact time it will take me to get to the theater, including extra time for traffic and Starbucks stops, just in case.
  2. Full body warm up
    It has to be done at the exact right time, and I'm very grumpy during the show if I don't do it. @ashliz can attest to how manic I am about it, from our Skin Deep days. It's only a 5 to 10 minute warm up, thus the need to do it at exactly the right time in my pre-show prep.
  3. Grounding
    I spend a moment, just before I go on, grounding myself. This usually involves bending at the waist, on tip toes and finger tips, and breathing. It's a technique that one of my professors at PCPA taught us. It seems odd, but the physical action always puts my brain in the moment.