1. He asks me a question that he KNOWS I can't possibly answer.
  2. I answer to the best of my knowledge.
  3. He questions whether my answer is correct, sighting a different answer from another source.
  4. I counter that many people in the horse industry have different views, but that mine is consistent with the views and training I received from my years in the industry.
  5. He lets me know all of the ways that my answer is wrong.
  6. I offer to ask my boss, or her husband, to help him if he is uncomfortable with my answer.
  7. He says that no, that won't be necessary because he's decided it would be best for him to do this thing.
  8. This thing is the thing that I suggested in the first place.
  9. I do not point this out.
  10. He magnanimously decides to explain why he's chosen to do this thing, which is definitely not the thing I've suggested, so that I will know how to answer the question the next time.
  11. I smile.
  12. Alternate Ending: my boss's husband comes in and is asked the same question.
  13. Husband gives same answer I gave.
  14. Is immediately told that he is right and should be thanked for the answer.
  15. I smile 😡