My Mom's sister Karen is also my boss, and one of my favorite people on the planet. She's hilarious, courageous, and inspiring.
  1. She has lots of great sayings
    Like, 'it's colder than a witch's tit' or 'if I were 10 years younger, we'd be going to fist city over him'
  2. She's a hand
    The greatest compliment that you can give a cowboy is to say he's a hand (it means handy & useful).
  3. She's tough
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    When she had her hip replaced last year, she was back up on her horse in 18 days. 18 days!
  4. She's unthinkingly charitable
    My Mom won a set of new dishes in a raffle and gave them to Aunt Karen since her dishes have seen better days. When I asked her the other day where those dishes were she shrugged and said, 'well, I gave them with the donations for the fire victims this summer, they need them more than I do'.
  5. She loves her animals
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    And they love her.
  6. She laughs at my lame jokes