1. Easter Sunday my folks came up and we spent the day cleaning up my backyard jungle.
  2. It's so bad that it's still not done
  3. But we made some headway
  4. At the end of the day we sat down for Easter dinner, all exhausted.
  5. I mentioned to my Dad my plan to visit the places were his trial happened, and where he subsequently served time.
    He was tried in Santa Cruz, but served his time in Ione, Corcoran, & Avenal, with a few other stops in between.
  6. This got us talking about the timeline of when he was where
    I was 9 when he was arrested, so my memories are a bit fuzzy on detail.
  7. It also got my Mom talking about the trial, and the confusion around it
  8. My Dad had already pled No Contest to an accessory charge for one armed robbery when he was pulled from a transfer bus and taken to Santa Cruz
  9. That happened on my Mom's birthday
    What's more devastating than your husband being sent to Sonora Fire Camp for 18 months? When he is pulled from the bus and charged with another robbery. On your birthday.
  10. When the preliminary trail started in Santa Cruz my Dad was very confused.
  11. The victim identified all of his assailants, but said that my Dad was not one of them.
  12. The court refused to separate the trials, so all of the defendants were tried together.
  13. At the time of his arrest, my Dad had a full beard
  14. 3 days earlier, when the crime happened, the assailant was clean shaven
  15. It takes my Dad 3 weeks to grow a full beard.
    They know that, they made him shave and re-grow it.
  16. He was convicted, and served 18 years.
  17. I'm attempting to learn as much as I can about the trial, because 30 years later I still hear new things.
  18. I asked my Dad about his thoughts during the trial and he said he assumed that the justice system would work. He believed in the system.