I used to be a really good vocalist. Even was a vocal performance minor in college. My friends were always impressed that I was the only singer that didn't put the top down on the grand piano at recitals. I didn't need to, I was loud. I stopped singing when it wasn't fun anymore, but I still sing to myself for the fun of it.
  1. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
  2. My Man
    I love the version that Barbra Streisand does of this at the end of Funny Girl, and so I try to recreate it in the shower. http://youtu.be/Hdlz6QzyAVA
  3. There's a Fine, Fine Line
    From Avenue Q. Another torch song, I'm detecting a pattern. http://youtu.be/zimpdcL4NHc
  4. Why Should I Worry
    From Oliver & Company, a completely underrated Disney flick from the 80's. http://youtu.be/Jb7kJ-j_dKA
  5. The Daisies
    By Samuel Barber. An art song that is deceptively complex.
  6. Se Tu M'ami
    By Pergolesi. Obviously not as well as Cecelia Bartoli, but I'm no slack. http://youtu.be/THTUCtExVbo