I started casually dating a man named Austin about 3 months ago. When we started going out, we talked about how both of us had been burned, neither of us wanted to get too serious. These are my thoughts throughout.
  1. Oh, he's really nice.
  2. Cuter than his profile picture.
  3. Perfect, he's looking for long term casual as well!
  4. Okay, our second date went really well. Like Really!
  5. I think I like him a lot
  6. He likes to tell me I'm pretty. I like it, but I'm not sure I trust it.
  7. He's funny
  8. Really funny
  9. And fun
  10. Okay, cooling off period while his daughter visits.
  11. Feeling a bit disconnected from him
  12. Sadder about that than I thought I would be
  13. Oh, we're hanging out again
  14. 7 hour road trip to Sequoia, with no weird silences, just fun and good conversation
  15. His band is playing, I feel obligated to go support
  16. Oh, they're actually good, and he looks pretty hot up there
  17. I really like him
  18. Wait, he really likes me
  19. He wants to not be casual
  20. I want that too
  21. Wait, is this getting serious?
  22. I think I'm okay with that
  23. Hey, wait, I think I have a boyfriend now.
  24. Huh
  25. Weird
  26. His band is playing again
  27. He looks pretty hot up there
  28. To be continued....