Inspired by @andersun
  1. My Dad was determined that I was going to be a boy
  2. My name was supposed to be Michael. Named for my Grandpa.
  3. My Mom insisted that they pick a girl's name.
  4. Every time she found a girl's name that she liked, my Dad shot it down.
  5. He thought of every horrible nickname that the kids on the playground would think of for each of the names.
  6. Just before I was born my Mom was flipping through the TV Guide and saw that Ricky Nelson was married to a woman named Kristin.
  7. My Dad begrudgingly admitted that he couldn't find any playground rhymes to go with that name.
  8. That's how I got my name.
  9. Ironically, this is the first time I've looked Kristin Nelson up, and she actually pretty interesting.
  10. Static