1. Dairy Air
    Central California, at least my little corner, is dairy country. It's a hard smell to describe, sort of sweet, pungent, and musty all at the same time. I never really smell it anymore, which means my nose is immune, or the winds have shifted, because I still drive by a bunch of dairies everyday.
  2. My Mom's perfume bottles
    My Mom loves perfume, especially in cool bottles. She had a mirrored tray in her closet with a bunch of different bottles on it when I was growing up. No signature scent for her, she would change it up with her mood.
  3. Bourbon-breath Santa
    There was a friend of our family that would dress up as Santa every year and visit several houses on Christmas Eve. He smelled like Bourbon and grease paint. He would bring bags filled with oranges, walnuts, and starlight mints.
  4. Barbie hair
  5. Dirt
    Specifically the dirt along the bank of our irrigation ditch. My brother and I would dig out cubbies to sit in when the day got really hot.
  6. Our irrigation ditch
    Otherwise known as 'The Caca Grande', and yes we did swim in it. Yay for growing up feral on a farm!
  7. Grandma's hair
  8. The Tulare County Public Library
    The old one. It smelled like summer, furniture polish, new books, and moldy carpet.
  9. Cinnamon sugar tortillas
    My Mom made these. Yum!
  10. Unpeeled Black Walnuts
    We had a walnut tree in the lane, about half way to the arena, and Grandpa would give us $.50 for every bag of walnuts we picked up. I only fell for that outrageously low wage for one season.