Central California's main natural disaster is fog. Not that cute or pretty fog of the Bay Area, or the sweet light fog of the plains states, dense horrible grayish brown ugliness that makes driving impossible. This is what I do when my boss calls and tells me to delay my drive in.
  1. Lie in bed for an extra 30 minutes
  2. Read a chapter in my current book
    A classic. I'm reminding myself that Romance as a genre has really evolved.
  3. Get some breakfast at Chicken Pie Shop
    A must-stop greasy spoon breakfast place in Fresno's Tower District (my hood).
  4. Wander aimlessly around my house
    My plan was to go to work and now that plan is delayed. I needed to take my car in for an oil change today, but I can't because that requires driving. I've got a stack of paperwork sitting on my desk at work, I can picture it. Ugh! The fog is very frustrating.