Some of these are from my childhood.
  1. Corn dogs at Colony Kitchen
  2. Soft serve at Foster's Freeze
  3. Working at his desk
    Fun fact: I still work at this desk, but when Grandpa was the boss he would pull out these little writing slides on the desk and that would be my 'desk'.
  4. Talking politics
    I'm liberal, he was conservative, but we could always find common ground.
  5. Learning to drive
    He was the most patient teacher ever. If I did something wrong he would say, 'that's illegal, so let's try not to do that again' as if it was perfectly normal.
  6. Baking
    When I was learning to bake, Grandpa was my taster, but he was terrible at it. He would bite into an obviously burnt cookie and say, 'mmmm, well done, just the way I like them'
  7. Just hanging out