Inspired by @kellykock
  1. 1. First Concert?
    The Beach Boys at the Fresno Fair.
  2. Stripes or Solids?
    Solids, I'm a colorblocker for sure.
  3. Who would play you in a movie about your life?
    America Ferrera. She's too beautiful, but if someone is making a movie about you, they should cast someone more beautiful, right?!?
  4. Where do you go when fast food is in order?
    Jack In The Box. I love their Peach Iced Tea
  5. Favorite chip?
    Salt & Vinegar
  6. What animal best describes you?
    A puppy, I'm easily distracted by shiny objects.
  7. DQ order?
    Well, there's not really a DQ around here, but at Foster's Freeze I like to get a half & half cone.
  8. Worst injury?
    In 5th grade I got bucked off my cousin's horse and broke my shoulder. I had to wear a cast with a weight in the elbow to pull my bone back into the socket. I have no more cartilage in my left shoulder joint.
  9. Favorite pastime?
  10. If you were a color, what would it be?
  11. Apple or other?
    Definitely Apple.
  12. Morning or night?
    Night owl
  13. My go-to song?
    Can't Help Lovin Dat Man from Showboat, I sing it to myself when I'm nervous.
  14. Most recent book you have read and would recommend?
    Act Like It by Lucy Parker
  15. I couldn't live without this flavor
    Whatever is in Mexican food. I could eat Mexican food for every meal.
  16. Number of times you have participated in TPing someone's house?
    At least 5. I grew up in a small farm town, there was nothing to do. I've also been cow tipping and cotton jumping.
  17. If you could have one thing you don't have today (not money) what would it be?
    A garage, it's the one thing about my house that I regret.
  18. Gotta get away. Where are you going?
    New Orleans
  19. If you could change one thing about yourself, mentally speaking, what would it be?
  20. Something about you that's yet to be shared?
    I'm agnostic, but I believe in ghosts because I've had 3 encounters. There's no way that you could convince me that that was not what I experienced.