1. You've Got Mail
    This is a movie that I (along with a million other humans) have completely memorized.
  2. The Emperor's New Groove
    All of my comedic goals were formed by this movie, specifically, Kronk.
  3. Little Women (1994)
    Expect a list in the near future about why Jo definitely did not make the right choice
  4. Apollo 13
    For obvious reasons
  5. The Princess Diaries
    Mia Thermopo-lips, "just call me Joe," when she pulls the pore strip off in front of Michael, fat Louie, Anne Hathaway crying in the 'stang in the rain, the pizza with "sorry" on it, THIS MOVIE WAS VERY FORMATIVE
  6. He's Just Not That Into You
    For the record, I hate this movie, and I've seen it at least 4 times. I don't know how this happens every time, because I really hate this movie.
  7. The Social Network
    Don't fish eat other fish? The marlins and the trout!?
  8. 10 Things I Hate About You
  9. Good Will Hunting