With great pride also comes great shame & confusion
  1. Play Somethin Ignorant
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    This all started as an attempt to become friends with these guys I worked with that were always talking about Bobby Shmurda. I didn't know how else to bond so I put some really, truly ignorant songs on the playlist & played it when I gave them a ride home. Once we became Real Friends™, the list turned to shit so fast. So the progression is like, Bicken Back Bein' Bool to Bump n Grind. Not so ignorant, this playlist has morphed into my favorite dance/rap/nostalgic pop songs. It is 8 hours long.
  2. 99 South Will Not Win
    I made this because there was a time that I was driving (4 hrs) to LA far too often and I hated going over the grapevine. There is one song on this playlist, and it's "You're The Voice" by John Farmham. Wtf?
  3. John Denver Bangers
    This is a pretty hefty playlist filled with all my favorite John Denver songs that I was inspired to make after watching a documentary about him on PBS. I am super passionate about calling any song I love a "banger," because it's super misleading & funny.
  4. Randy Travis Hymns
    This is exactly what it looks like and it is an incredible musical experience.
  5. All I Do Is Win
    This playlist has 2 songs: All I Do Is Win and Come & Get It by Selena Gomez. It was a tough time in my life.
  6. It's V-Day Suckas
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    This is the first playlist I ever made on Spotify. It was Valentines Day & I was so stoked for my first themed playlist, but I had to play it cool so I gave it the dumbest name I could think of. Ranging from Cool by Gwen Stefani to Almost Like Being in Love by Gene Kelly, this playlist is my magnum opus and I know I'll never be able to create something as varied and cool again. Honorable mentions: This Kiss, I'll Make Love To You, Your Body is a Wonderland, The Wind Cries Mary, Love Love Love.