This is a totally subjective list, but all of my opinions are right.
  1. Max Medina
    Max Medina is perfect. He's got a great jaw. He did the work to get Lorelai, he always took interest in her interests, he understood (& contributed) to her pop culture references, was charming, funny, & proposed with 1000 yellow daisies because Lorelai wanted him to. He's a teacher, which was super sexy, and he totally respected Rory's wishes and played it cool around her even though he was dating her mom. He wore leather & argyle like nobody's business. Max Medina is my dream man & I miss him
  2. "Guest starring Jon Hamm"
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    Loves David Bowie, wine, & he's a pilot. These are the top 3 things I look for in a man. Cons: his name is Peyton & he lives in The Bubble (being boring but extremely hot, much like his counterpart Dr. Drew, played by Jon Hamm)
  3. Dave Rygalski
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    I shouldn't even have to explain myself on this one. Dave was the best thing to ever happen to Lane/us as an audience. The only good thing about Dave mysteriously leaving this show was that it meant Adam Brody was moving on to play an even more beloved character: Seth Cohen
  4. Morey
    He is the man all men should aspire to be, honestly.
  5. Christopher
    Spent most of my GG watching experience wishing Lorelai & Chris would get together for real. I feel like they both grew up enough to be good together, and Chris gets her more than any other guy on the show.
  6. The troubadour
    Consistent, reliable, can hold a pretty decent tune
  7. Jess
    The first time I watched Gilmore Girls, I was so hot for Jess & I thought he was the dreamiest boyfriend a girl could have. Second time through I realized he kinda took after his Uncle Luke the Douche(more on that later). Still, he's a bad boy, he reads, and Milo Ventimiglia has partial paralysis which is mysterious and sexy. Bonus points to season 6 Jess who really tried to get it together
  8. Paris' boyfriend Jamie
    Jamie kicked ass and deserves an award for his patience and persistence with The Paris.
  9. Luke
    Pros: hot when he wears the backwards hat, curmudgeonly in a hot dad way, has a hot nephew, & he's driven enough to own a restaurant I guess. Cons: when Lorelai takes him outside to see the snow & he's a total dick about it, he's a pretty sub par business owner (mostly cuz he's a dick to a majority of his customers), when he doesn't wear the hat he looks pretty freaky, he doesn't like or support anything Lorelai likes, he's always picking a fight, he's stubborn, he's just kinda a dick in general
  10. Logan
    Logan was/is so boring to me. I honestly have nothing to say about him. I don't even remember anything about him, besides his leather jacket and his rude dad. Also he's rich, and he ran an umbrella cult of some sort.
  11. Kirk
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    Can we also talk about Kirk's weird body?
  12. Michel
    The way Michel acts at work is the way I wish I could act at work but I'm too scared of getting fired.
  13. Taylor Doose
    Taylor Doose is a great character. I hate him.
  14. Dean