1. Fart
    My roommate and I alternate farts
  2. Eat
    Especially sushi
  3. Sleep
  4. Think I'm pregnant
    Never actually happened so I just stress myself out over nothing
  5. Procrastinate on homework
  6. Watch tv
  7. Send my boyfriend sexual gifs
    I think it's funny when he gets caught off guard
  8. Say stupid things
  9. Fail tests
    I have no hope for my grades
  10. Call my roommate a cunt
  11. Play the Kim Kardashian game
    Seriously it's taken over my life
  12. Drink milk
    I only drink like 2 cups a week, but I'm lactose intolerant and it kills my stomach
  13. Talk in a really heavy country accent
    I have a slight country accent but I really bring it out when talking to my roommate or when singing songs
  14. Spend money
    I spend a lot of other people's money too
  15. Pick at my zits