A Series of Selfies With My Sister Bc She Is Getting Married This Weekend

From most recent to oldest picture still on my phone
  1. I'm not always great at expressing how I feel about my sister but as her maid of honor I'll give it a try before its time for my speech
  2. She's the only person that I'll pose with cheek-to-cheek
  3. She puts up with my crazy and agreed to wear sunglasses that matched her outfit even though she really didn't give a care
  4. 90% of our pictures are taken in a car
  5. I literally made her take this because I liked the color of the sky
  6. She lets me use her as a Barbie doll even when its ridiculously early in the morning and we have to get to church in time for the Easter service
  7. Even though she excluded me from her fantasy league I always look forward to our weekly football talks 💛💚💛💚
  8. She makes 17 hour car rides bearable
  9. She let me stay at her apartment because we didn't get the channel that the game was on and then drove me to school the next morning
  10. She was always there for me through the worst year of my life which started the day this picture was taken
  11. She doesn't get mad when I borrow her clothes even though I can't say the same
  12. My favorite hiking buddy
  13. She didn't even get mad when i added this to her snapstory
  14. She deserves every happiness and I cannot believe that she's getting married in a few days 💕