A non-comprehensive list of crushes that I've had that I never verbalized. There's no way they could have lived up to my expectations.
  1. Age 4
    Parker. I fell hard for him in preschool when he pushed me down on the playground.
  2. Age 5
    Tyler. What a dreamboat. Told me that I wasn't allowed to say 'helicopter' because it had 'hell' in it. Nothing else stands out about him.
  3. Age 6
    Ames. The new kid in our class. Full of mystery and drama.
  4. Age 7
    Matthew. He was from New York and was very sophisticated for a second grader.
  5. Age 8-9
    Zachary. Prettiest eyes and longest eyelashes I had ever seen.
  6. Age 10
    Jesse. The coolest guy in my class at my new school. Totally out of my league.
  7. Age 11
    Ames. Started 'dating' my friend. I took this fairly hard.
  8. Age 12
    Josh. He was a sk8r boi I said nothing to him because I was shy.
  9. Age 13
    Paris. He straightened his hair. It was fly af.