1. If you're anything like me...
  2. You have been checking my profile periodically to see if I have received my gift yet/listed about how amazing it is
  3. Worry not
  4. Its not that I hate it or don't appreciate it
  5. Or that it got lost in the mail
    I am convinced that this happens all the time
  6. Its just that I won't be able to get it until after the holidays
  7. The address I gave was my school address
    I figured my parents would frown upon me giving out our home address to strangers I met on the Internet
  8. I know that it has arrived safely
  9. I got the email from the student mail center to prove it
  10. And I am beyond excited to see what it is
    I love that I get to extend Christmas by waiting to open it
  11. Also I promise to write a glowing list about whatever it is that I receive
  12. Because I will love it no matter what