It's the week before finals so this was definitely the best use of my time
  1. "It's not what I expected"
    Direct quote from my journal entry after my first week. Basically sums up the entire year
  2. Its okay to change
    Isn't that sort of the point?? I may not be the same but at least now I'm happier
  3. Go to class
    Because it's already paid for and otherwise it's too easy to get into the habit of skipping. Bonus: makes skipping classes extra fun and special like that time I saw Joe Biden
  4. Talk to people
    Its the easiest way to meet them
  5. Don't make assumptions
    I thought I knew what I was getting into but really my assumptions just gave me a closed mind
  6. The meal plan gets old
    Its fine for about two weeks but then its repetitive and you have to start getting creative with whats offered. Not a valid reason to skip meals
  7. Not everyone has to be your friend
    I spent way too much time with people I didn't even like with before realizing I did not need them to be my friends. Thankfully I have people I do like
  8. Explore
    There are so many amazing places that might be off the beaten trail but are still worth seeing
  9. Keep in touch
    I tried my best to maintain the friendships from high school that are important to me and to stay updated on whats going on with my family
  10. Have a good umbrella
    Classes are not cancelled in monsoon like weather and rain jackets are water resistant—not water proof. The difference is significant
  11. Establish boundaries
    So many awkward encounters with my roommates bf could have been avoided if we had done this at the beginning of the year
  12. Don't go home too often
    It messes up the routine and takes away from the experience. Still go home occasionally though
  13. Go to events
    There are so many things to do. I tried to say yes to things that I normally wouldnt have done
  14. Take pictures
    Capture all the mems
  15. Write things down