Alternative title: I struggle with everyday tasks
  1. Have even eyeliner
    I have shaky hands
  2. Make it into the trash can
    Every trash can is a basketball hoop and I am terrible at basketball. Big believer in rebounds.
  3. Guess the time
    My internal clock is broken
  4. Wake up with my alarm
    I never used the snooze button until about a year ago but ever since then I haven't been able to stop using it.
  5. Pronounce an item on the menu correctly
    Italian restaurants are a nightmare for me and I feel terrible for whatever server that has to try to decipher my incoherent attempt at ordering.
  6. Remember your name
    Don't take it personally
  7. Spell anything right
    Examples of words I have to look up: tomorrow, Wednesday, necessary, field, ect.
  8. Send an email
    Drafts are a blessing. Same concept applies to posting lists.
  9. Type in my password
    Its the same thing. I haven't changed it and I use it for everything. For some reason I still can't type it correctly.
  10. Clip out of my bike with new pedals. 🚲
    I always look like a fool falling over sideways in slow motion. 😔
    Suggested by @aminam
  11. Choose the right key from my keychain
    There are two keys.
    Suggested by @lizabeth
  12. Give advice on parenting
    Waited until I had 3 kids before I started giving parenting tips, and hopefully only when I'm asked for said advice
    Suggested by @victorious