Despite the fact that you repeatedly said the purpose of this gift was not to get me to fall in love with you it really couldnt be helped
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    So I finally got my Secret Santa gift
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    I got back to school yesterday so my first stop this morning was obviously the post office
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    So so so excited!!
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    I dont know what order to open them in. I hope I dont mess this up
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    Wait that title seems familiar...
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    "Tears of Tinsel & The Girl With Shaky Hands"
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    A+ stalking i definitely wrote something like that
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    Ooooh a letter
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    I feel so special that someone took the time to make this. So much thought must have gone into it and it is just amazing
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    All of these songs (42) have reviews. I can't wait to go through all of them
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    Next one
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    "Forgetting to Talk for Long Periods of Time" Its all instrumentals. Very clever
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    Last but not least
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    Interesting choice in wrapping paper
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    "Pennies Though They Gleam"
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    Guys I really really love shiny pennies?? And now that love has been immortalized in this amazing and thoughtful gift
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    Descriptions+thoughts for all of these songs
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    Geez. Oh wow. This is incredible.
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    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
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    I am blown away by the thoughtfulness of this gift
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    You didnt reveal your identity but that doesnt matter because I've always had a thing for the unattainable
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    I will definitely post reviews for all of these but it might take a while since there are 75 songs for me to go through
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    Thanks for organizing this @ChrisK