1. Candy
    I eat a lot of candy when I'm stressed and its almost midterms so I'm always stressed
  2. Anything floral
    Flowers make everything happier
  3. Face masks
    To help with the stress. I love trying a bunch of different kinds and its an easy way to treat myself
  4. Tea
    I am slowly lowering the amount of coffee I drink so I'm trying to replace it with tea
  5. Stationary
    I really like notebooks and journals and ink and stamps and postcards and basically anything relating to stationary
  6. Socks
    I'm taking a bowling class this semester and keep losing socks in my bag. It's becoming a bit of an issue.
  7. Pens
    I like to rotate the color of pen I use each day so it would be fun to have some new ones to add to the mix
  8. A surprise
    The best kind of prize is a surprise. I would love a letter/note/something from wherever you're from. I will be so thankful for whatever I happen to receive!
  9. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and to @amieshmamie for organizing this💜