1. Half Birthdays
    Everyone can agree that birthdays are the best so its a shame that they're only celebrated once a year. With half birthdays its all of the fun with less of the expectations!
  2. A Good Hair Day
    Tbh these are few and far between for me so on the days when my hair looks good I can't help but celebrate
  3. Perfect Weather
    Days where there is not a cloud in the sky are my favorites and they are made so much better when other people are forced to acknowledge them
  4. Really Shiny Pennies
    You know the ones that gleam with the light of the sun? Those are the best ones
  5. Being on Time
    You weren't late? Thats amazing. Everyone should recognize how on top of things you are.
  6. Knowing all the Words to a Song
    There are few things more satisfying than slaying that rap verse