My roommates and I made a list of all the people who have wronged us and hung it on the wall. Hell hath no fury
  1. Roommates ex boyfriend
    He gets to be first because he lives next door and she runs into him all the time
  2. Other roommates ex boyfriend
    He lives across the street and she is constantly paranoid that she'll run into him
  3. Boy who has wronged one of my roommates and one of our honorary roommates
    Seems like a nice guy and then is not a nice guy
  4. Boy who wronged me
    Is a douche
  5. Girl who is mean to all other girls
    Why are people like this
  6. Boy who ruined honorary roommates life
    Not okay
  7. Girl who was mean to roommate at work
  8. Girl who made highschool terrible
  9. Girl who's aesthetic is sexy baby
    She's a terrible person with terrible taste
  10. Girl who helped #6 ruin honorary roommates life
  11. Boy who was mean to roommate
    No one wins at mind games
  12. Former neighbor who is not a quality person
  13. #6 repeated
    He deserves to be up there twice
  14. Girl who broke friends heart
    We started to let visitors add to the wall
  15. Boy who is not nice to anyone
    Unless it would help him get ahead
  16. Friends exboyfriend