Hi my name is Krista and I am willing to fight you over any/all of these things
  1. Classroom games
    I will take down anyone in my way for the promise of bonus points
  2. Reality cooking shows
    I have no control over the results. It doesnt matter bc I will pick a favorite and stick with them no matter how problematic
  3. Scrabble
    I once spent time literally trying to read the entire dictionary and feel the need to use some of that knowledge
  4. Test scores
    I treat them as a direct representation of my self worth. Super healthy i know
  5. Spades
    We started playing because the tv broke and kept playing because winning is fun
  6. Jeopardy
    My family watched this together every night and things got heated
  7. Football
    I firmly believe that the Packers will win the Super Bowl every year and will defend them with my life