She's beauty and she's grace...oh look she just fell on her face
  1. Put on/take off jacket
    This just led to an embarrassing scene in which I blocked the sidewalk between classes and eventually had to give up because I was a hazard to the people around me
  2. Have a conversation
    Talking and walking is not as easy as it looks. I have to concentrate on one or the other which is why I will either a) run into things or b) forget to talk for long periods of time
  3. Drink Coffee
    Aka the reason I wear dark colors
  4. Tie shoe
    I was feeling really confident that day and forgot that two feet are necessary for walking. Basically I tried to hop for a while before falling.
  5. Text
    To all of the people I have run into while on my phone: I am deeply sorry and aware of the fact that I am a menace and represent everything that is wrong with this bad
  6. Open/close an umbrella
    Lets just say there were some injuries