1. Clean everything
    This lets you feel productive while not actually accomplishing what you need to
  2. Eat
    Its so easy and it tastes so good
  3. Take a nap
    You probably didn't get enough sleep last night anyways
  4. Paint your nails
    Its important to keep up with the little things to make you feel in control. The state of my nails reflects the state of my life.
  5. Organize closet
    Nothing is more satisfying than having everything exactly where you can easily find it
  6. Discover new music
    You've been listening to the same song for a month--its time for a change
  7. Stare out a window looking thoughtful
    It makes people assume that all your thoughts are deep ones
  8. Go for a walk
    I'd say exercise but that just seems excessive
  9. Do laundry
    It needed to be done anyways
  10. Make to do list
    Lists are great