Today's Lesson in Patience

Brought to you by my 56 yo dad who just wanted to play music from his phone
  1. We went grocery shopping today and my dad asked me what iTunes gift cards were for
    I told him people used them so that they could buy music or apps for their phone
  2. He then decided that he wanted to buy one*
    *on the condition that I helped him figure it out
  3. We got home and I sat him down at the kitchen table
  4. I wanted him to understand the whole process so i started with "open iTunes"
  5. He gave up and I showed him where it was
  6. After we had finally gotten it open I told him to scroll to the very bottom of the page and sign in
  7. Guys it took at least 2 entire minutes for him to type in his username
  8. And then he got his password wrong
  9. Twice
  10. At this point I took the phone out of his hands and started the resetting of his password process
  11. He triumphantly typed in his new password
  12. I then told him to press the button that said redeem and follow the instructions
  13. It took some time but eventually he figured out that the camera had to be focused on a certain part of the gift card
  14. He successfully added the money to his account 🎉🎉🎉
  15. The next step was to actually purchase music
  16. Me: search for the music that youre looking for
  17. Dad: How?
  18. Me: hit the button that says search and type in the band or song that you want
  19. Dad: *stares at screen for really long time*
  20. Dad: Ah-ha there it is!
  21. *starts typing slowly*
  22. Surprisingly he decided very quickly and with what seemed like very little thought on an album to buy
  23. A box popped up on his screen
    Oh no
  24. The terms and conditions had changed since his last use
  25. Dad: *proceeds to start reading the terms and conditions*
  26. Me: please just agree to it
  27. Dad: alright but i think i should really get your brother (recent law school grad) to look over it
  28. The music finally starts downloading
  29. His phone buzzes
  30. Dad: thats probably work
  31. *talks about how important this email probably is*
  32. Me: you can still check it??? It wont mess up anything
  33. Dad: *looks doubtful*
  34. He checked his email anyways. It was Apple telling him that he had recently changed his password.
  35. Finally it came time to actually play the music
  36. Me: open "music"
  37. Dad stares at his phone and begins swiping between pages of apps
  38. Eventually he gave up
  39. I showed him how it was on the bottom bar of his screen so it would be there no matter what page he was on
  40. I tell him to click on a song
  41. "Can it play out of my phone?"
  42. Finally he chooses a song and it plays from his terrible quality phone speaker
  43. He was so happy